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Thick Bar Training For Greater Gains?

Thick Bar Training For Greater Gains?

Thick Bar Training has been around for years, it surprises us at how little people actually implement it into their training routines. The idea behind it is the thick bar activates a greater number of muscle fibres during a movement and thus leads to greater chance of muscular hypertrophy. Thick bar training has also been said to have a number of other benefits such as helping to reduce injuries through an even spread of weight distribution. 

Why Should I Use Thick Bars?

If you are finding yourself hitting a plateau and wanting a change in your same old routine then thick bar training should be an avenue you should consider. The greater muscle activation we mentioned previously can help equate to greater strength gains, when lifting a weight often the limiting factor is either fatigue or weaker muscles used in the movement.

If you can strengthen these weaker muscles using thick bar training it is very likely that this will correlate to strength in multiple movements as there will be less limiting factors. Strength is important because it allows you to progressively overload and therefore see long term muscle size gains.

How Can I Add Thick Bar Training Into My Routine? 

You can add thick bar training into your routine almost immediately and you don't need to have lots of thick bars lying around. We offer a cheap and easy alternative, the Fit-Tech Thick Barbell Grips allow you to turn any dumbbell, barbell or machine into a thick bar. 

What Other Benefits Should I Expect To See?

We've mentioned how thick bar training can lead to greater muscular hypertrophy (muscle growth), increased strength and help to reduce injuries but how else can it benefit you?

• Bigger Arms - This one is something that I'm sure will attract a lot of attention, we all want bigger arms, we all want huge bulging Biceps and monstrous horse shoe Triceps and thick bar training can certainly help you achieve that. That greater muscle activation we keep mentioning allows the Forearms, Biceps and Triceps to reach new levels of growth as it ensures all muscle fibres are put to work leading to bigger, more impressive arms.

• Eliminate Weak Links Through Greater Muscle Activation - This is something that people often overlook, thick bar training can help you progress in lagging areas. Many of our clients and people we have coached over the years have started to use thick bar training on their weak body parts and found that it helped them to achieve a more balanced physique in just a few months.

• Improved Grip Strength - Thick bar training trains your grip strength because it is harder to grip the bars, this leads to increased forearm size and grip strength. Grip Strength is vital for any training routine and increased grip strength can help you see huge strength gains in compound movements such as the deadlift or pull-up.


Thick bar training is a very effective way to smash your plateau's and take your physique to the next level. If your gym doesn't have thick bars in it then we would recommend using our Thick Barbell Grips, you can check them out here.

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