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Thick Bar Extreme Grips

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Thick Bar Extreme Grips

Rapidly Grow Your Arms  💪

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Main Benefits:

Increased Strength

➤ Greater Hypertrophy

 Increased Grip Strength

 Increased Joint Stability

 Better Weight Distribution

 Increased Neutral Drive


Why Thick Bar Training?

Thick bar training is something that has been around for years in the fitness industry but it is surprising to see why people do not utilise it more often. It has been proven over many years that thick bar training has multiple benefits and therefore can take your training to the next level.

Not only can it help you build muscle through greater muscle activation but it has various other major benefits such as joint stability this can lead to fewer injuries and ensure you have longevity in training. These thick bar grips allow you to incorporate thick bar training at any gym, you simply can apply the grips to any dumbbell, barbell or machine and reap the rewards for this type of training. With thick bars costing thousands to make this is a simple, cheap, and portable alternative. 



 Increase Arm Size - The thick bar grips allow you to stimulate more muscle fibres in your arms which leads to increased muscle hypertrophy.

✓ Increased Strength - Thick bar training increases grip strength, this will therefore allow you to increase your lifts due to better grip.

✓ Greater Stability in Joints - Thick bar training has been used to increase joint stability as injuries such as shoulder, elbow and wrist issues are directly linked with grip so to alleviate these injuries greater grip strength is necessary.

✓ Better Weight Distribution - Thick bar training allows multiple muscles to be used in a movement leading to fewer muscle imbalances.

✓ Carefully Engraved with Logo - The thick bar grips have been carefully engraved with the Fit-Tech logo.


 **Disclaimer - For customers outside of the UK - Products will not have the Fit-Tech branding, our branding is specific to the UK but please do not worry the quality of our products is the same on the unbranded products.**

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