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Weightlifting Straps, Hooks, & Sleeves | Fit-Tech

Weightlifting Straps, Hooks, & Sleeves

Browse our catalog of weightlifting straps, hooks, and sleeves created by qualified professional trainers to keep you safe, comfortable, and protected during lifting exercises, from straps that help improve your lifts to knee sleeves that keep your joints braced and secure. We offer a range of items that are fully adjustable or come in different sizes to accommodate you for various weightlifting exercises, including power hooks, power sleeves, lifting straps, wrist straps, and bar grips. Our products are designed and engineered for quality and endurance so that your body can properly be supported during times of intense weight-training exercise.

Contact us for more information about our weightlifting straps, hooks, and sleeves.

Power Hooks™

Regular price £44.99 Sale price £32.99

Ultimate Support Wrist Straps

Regular price £29.99 Sale price £21.99

Power Sleeves

Regular price £54.99 Sale price £39.99

Lifting Straps

Regular price £29.99 Sale price £24.99

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