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Booty Bands™

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Key Benefits:

Can be used anywhere, at home or in the gym
High quality fabric material, will not snap or break
Come in 3 different resistances, light, medium, heavy
Designed to increase workload on the glutes
Activates more muscle fibres leading to greater muscle growth
Build strength

These booty bands are perfect for anyone who's looking to tone up, build muscle and get that beach, summer body.

With a wide range of exercises available, these resistance bands are a must when it comes to building muscle.

You can perform the exercises (provided in the booklet) at the gym or in the comfort of your own home.

The Fit-Tech Booty Bands™ come with a bag that allows you to take them just about anywhere!

Which band are you going with today, Light, Medium or Heavy?

The Science

Resistance bands are an incredible way to build up the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. They provide added resistance which helps you target the muscle better, they're incorporation in a movement can simultaneously allow you to perform two movement patterns during one exercise. An example would be a hip thrust, while performing a hip thrust with the band you are performing the hip thrust itself, causing stress on the glutes whilst also performing an abduction movement to press against the band. This allows greater muscle activation in one movement and therefore leads to great muscle hypertrophy.

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