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Power Hooks™

Power Hooks™

Power Hooks™

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Main Benefits:

 Increased Strength

 Increased Potential For Hypertrophy

 Reduced Stress On Forearms

 Better Contraction During Movements

 Fewer Injuries



 Isolate Your Back - The Fit-Tech hooks reduce stress on the forearms and Biceps and therefore create the ultimate tension in the back muscles.

• Increase Your Strength - The hooks allow you to pull all of the weight with the target muscle so secondary muscle fatigue doesn't affect your lifts. 

• Reduction In Injuries - By lifting with the hooks it takes away weaker secondary muscles from the movement leading to fewer injuries when lifting heavy.

• Greater Hypertrophy - Smoother contractions of the muscles leads to a greater chance for muscular hypertrophy.



• 8mm Neoprene Material
• Heavy Duty Steel Hook
 Heavy Duty Velcro Fastener
 Nylon Strap
 Non-Slip Coat
 Heavy Duty Steel Ring


How Does It Help You Progress?

Sky-Rocket Your Progress 

The Fit-Tech Weight Lifting Hooks are designed to reduce the stress on the arms and forearms when performing "pulling" movements.

Used mostly for back training, the weight lifting hooks provide a hook on to the barbell or machine thus reducing the need for excessively gripping it, this allows the individual to focus on isolating the muscle in work and getting the most out of the exercise.

Many people use these for heavy lifting as more often than not it is one's grip that fails before the prime mover (main muscle lifting the weight). As a result of this, the weight lifting hooks allow greater stress on the working muscle as your grip does not fail, and thus the individual can lift a greater weight for an increased amount of reps. 

Returns & Delivery

How Long Is Delivery?

Delivery to UK customers should be around 8 working days but please double check product descriptions as some products have slower delivery, if you have not received your order within 5 working days from the date you placed it then you should contact support here.

For Overseas orders it may take up to 3 weeks to receive your order due to our distribution from our UK warehouse, however most orders should arrive before then.

Do You Offer Returns And Refunds?

Our returns policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a full refund or exchange. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it in. It must also be in the original packaging. We can offer a return or replacement once we have received a suitable video clip of the product that clearly shows the product defect or damage.You can read more about our Returns Policy here.


So How Do They Work?

The Power Hooks simply strap around your wrist and hook on to any bar, dumbbell, or machine when performing a pulling movement. By doing so they allow you to fully target the prime mover (main working muscle) in a movement and therefore put less stress on the secondary muscles working (Biceps and Forearms).

As a result of this, it means that a greater proportion of the resistance you are lifting is being put on the working muscle and therefore it can lead to greater results in strength gains and muscle hypertrophy.

Will This Affect My Grip Strength?

The Fit-Tech Power Hooks are made to isolate the muscles when performing pulling movements, when performing these movements grip is one of the things that often let people down from progressing as they struggle to fully isolate the muscles they are looking to work.

This often can lead to plateau's which can be very discouraging when following any resistance focused training programme. This accessory will not increase your grip strength but neither will it reduce it or completely disregard it from a pulling movement.

There are numerous exercises in the gym that require grip strength and therefore grip strength will be tested in these movements where the power hooks are not necessary. We have used these with many of our clients and they have loved them, it has allowed them to smash plateaus and achieve progress consistently on pulling movements. 

 **Disclaimer - For customers outside of the UK - Products will not have the Fit-Tech branding, our branding is specific to the UK but please do not worry the quality of our products is the same on the unbranded products.**

For any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us one of the team would be happy to help! Alternatively, you can reach out to us on our Facebook or Instagram Pages.


How Does It Work?

The Massage Roller acts as a resistance which can help "smoothen" the muscle fibres, when a muscle contracts it tightens and rips the muscles fibres and causes tension in the muscle, as it lengthens it relaxes and releases that tension. After a period of training the muscles ability to alleviate that tension in a muscle becomes less as it begins to fatigue, this leads to some tension remaining in the muscle after a workout. The Massage Roller therefore helps to alleviate this tension and facilitate the recovery process, by smoothening the muscle it allows greater blood flow to the "damaged" muscle, greater elasticity of the muscles and helps to prevent injury.

Can I only use my Massage Roller on my legs?

No, the massage roller can be used on any muscle where it is possible to roll it, many people use the massage roller for their back, shoulders, arms and legs!

Any advice for a newbie?

Start slow and steady and only do what feels relatively comfortable, you will feel the DOMS at first but if you're slow and careful it is a very easy method. There are also hundreds of videos on Youtube if you ever get stuck.

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