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Ultimate Support Wrist Straps

Ultimate Support Wrist Straps

Ultimate Support Wrist Straps

Ultimate Support Wrist Straps

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Stay Protected From Injuries And Increase Your Lifts!

Main Benefits:

✓ Protection From Injuries 

Wrist Support

Greater Stability Throughout A Movement

Faster Recovery

✓ May Improve Strength


Push Your Limits 📈

The Fit-Tech wrist straps are made for stability and balance in training, whether that is because your wrists are weak or because you're lifting heavy, these straps provide the ultimate protection to optimise your training. Made from durable and elastic cotton they provide support to wrists while reducing the risk of injury. They are easily adjustable, fasten with a strong velcro strap and stretch to fit all wrist sizes.


Protection From Injuries - Lifting heavy can lead to injuries, these straps ensure you have the ultimate protection for those heavy sets and PR's.

Greater Balance During Movements - The straps ensure that your wrists remain strong throughout movements, particularly dumbbell movements.

Greater Strength - More stability throughout movements will lead to greater comfortability with heavier weights and thus greater strength gains.

Easily Adjustable - The straps are very easy to put on and take off so they're ready for any moment.


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So How Do They Work?

The Fit-Tech Ultimate Support Wrist Straps are designed to keep your wrist joints safe by reducing the amount of stress they are under during any movement. They immobilize the joint and provide support, heat and compression to alleviate unnecessary stress. It is particularly useful to use straps when you are performing heavy lifting as it can help reduce the risk of injuries, that's why you will often see powerlifters opting for using support accessories when performing heavy lifts. The supports can also be used to increase balance and stability around the joint, often when an individual performs an exercise the stress on the joint is too much while the working muscle was comfortably able to lift the weight. So by using straps you can lift heavier weights and therefore see greater results in the gym.

Will Using Wrist Supports Make My Wrists Weak?

This is something that a lot of people seem to think when using weight lifting accessories but actually it isn't the case. These straps can help you lift heavier weights while protecting your joints, this allows them to be free from injury and help the individual get stronger. You should never become reliant on a weight lifting accessory and we would not recommend a weight lifting accessory to someone who has never stepped foot in the gym before. However, if you are someone who has trained for a while now and you are starting to feel your progress plateau then this could be a solution to continually progress in the gym.

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