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Primed Bundle

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The Primed Bundle

The Power Bundle is made for the lifter who is looking to shift some serious weight, It's the ultimate weight lifting bundle. Each product has been made with the intention of increasing your lifts so you can set new PB's and reach the pinnacle of strength. Comprised of our 3 powerlifting essentials if you're looking to get strong then you need the Power Bundle. 

Main Benefits:

 Increased Strength

 Increased Potential For Hypertrophy

 Joint Protection

 Better Contraction During Movements

 Fewer Injuries

➤ Improved Core Stability


What's Included?

A HUGE discounted bundle available here, with ALL the products included in one price. This bundle includes:

- 1 Pair of Power Hooks
- 1 Power Belt (Lever Belt)
- 1 Pair of Knee Sleeves 


How can each accessory help me?

With this bundle it allows you to enhance your training to the next level.

The Fit-Tech Power Hooks 

The Fit-Tech Power Hooks are designed to reduce the stress on the arms and forearms when performing "pulling" movements.

Used mostly for back training, the weight lifting hooks provide a hook on to the barbell or machine thus reducing the need for excessively gripping it, this allows the individual to focus on isolating the muscle in work and getting the most out of the exercise.

Many people use these for heavy lifting as more often than not it is one's grip that fails before the prime mover (main muscle lifting the weight). As a result of this, the weight lifting hooks allow greater stress on the working muscle as your grip does not fail, and thus the individual can lift a greater weight for an increased amount of reps.

The Power Belt

Made with 100% cowhide leather this lever belt is designed for Warriors, the individuals among us who are in the persistent pursuit of their potential. With a luxury suede finish this is the ultimate weightlifting belt. Perfectly designed to be around your waist for that PB.

The Ultimate Lever Belt comes with a screwdriver, nails and a buckle so you can adjust it to your desired sizing, this allows you to put yourself in prime condition, comfortable and focused, before you attack the weights.

This is no ordinary lifting belt, this has been made with high quality materials, it is made to keep your spine aligned and core tight, providing you with the maximum amount of safety when performing any lift.

The Power Sleeves

These are the ultimate knee support for all leg specific movements, particularly for flexion of the knee joint such as in a Squat, Leg Extension, Leg Press, Split Squat and so on. They are made from the highest quality neoprene and are 7mm in thickness providing the much needed extra support which can sky-rocket your lifts. 

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