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Ultimate Back Stretcher

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Back Pain Burdening Your Day-to-Day Life?

Main Benefits:

 Relieve Chronic Back Pain

 Reduce Back Tightness

 Save Money on Physical Therapists

 Increase Mobility

 Release Stress

 Completely Adjustable


How does it work?

Back stretchers are devices that can range from a simple arched lumbar stretcher made of wood or plastic to an elaborate back stretcher chair or machine. Both focus on the action of passive stretching. Muscles that are fully relaxed will stretch more, and a back stretcher is designed with therapeutic comfort in mind. 

Once the back muscles are relaxed, the back stretcher can begin its job of elongating the spine vertically, creating space between the vertebrae. This counteracts the natural effects of gravity, which pulls the spine down as we age.


The lengthening and stretching of the spine can help relieve compression on the sciatic nerve, thus offering relief from the shooting pain of sciatica. Creating space between the vertebrae also helps relieve the pain of bulging discs and may help avoid total herniation of the disc. In general, if your spine pain is caused by compression, a back stretcher can help create space and freedom.



The Ultimate Back Stretcher works on three different height levels, this is to ensure maximum comfortability for all individuals. 

• First Level: 7cm Height 
• Second Level: 9cm Height
• Third Level: 11cm Height


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